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At River Trail Animal Hospital & Pet Lodge, we emphasize the importance of regular wellness exams for your pets. Just like in humans, these examinations are crucial for maintaining your pet's health, especially considering their faster aging process compared to ours. We recommend annual wellness exams for all pets, with more frequent visits encouraged to ensure optimal health. Located conveniently to serve pet owners in South Tulsa, Bixby, and surrounding areas, our clinic is your trusted partner in your pet’s health journey.

When was the last time your pet saw the vet?

Annual exams are essential for their continued well-being!

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Examinations for Pets Why Are Wellness Exams So Important?

Pets are experts at hiding their illness, making wellness exams vital for knowing a comprehensive understanding of their health. These exams allow us to catch potential health issues before they escalate into serious conditions. They also provide a great opportunity for you to discuss your pet's health habits, care routines, and any concerns you may have with our experienced veterinarians.

Your veterinarian will also use this time to inform you about home health care for your pet and offer new information on the care of your particular type and breed of animal.

What To Expect at a Wellness Exam at River Trail Animal Hospital:

Our veterinarians in South Tulsa and Bixby, OK, perform a variety of checks and procedures to assess your pet’s health thoroughly:

  • Heart and Lung Assessment: We listen to your pet’s heart and lungs for early signs of cardiac diseases and respiratory issues, enabling early intervention.Discovering these initial indicators of trouble ahead can lead to identifying and treating the underlying condition before it becomes a more serious health threat.
  • Dental Check: Examining your pet's teeth and mouth is an important part of preventing dental disease, which is one of the most common health concerns in pets. We examine your pet’s teeth and mouth to prevent dental diseases as well as discuss proper home dental care routines.
  • Vision Evaluation: Regular screening for ocular conditions helps catch and treat eye diseases early.
  • Ear Examination: We check your pet’s ears for signs of disease, which can be caused by allergies, parasites, and more. Ear disease is relatively common in many types of pets. Issues such as low-grade allergies, swimming or bathing, reactions to certain foods, mites and other parasites can all cause and contribute to otitis or ear disease.
  • Skin and Coat Analysis: By examining the skin and coat, we look for unusual lumps or swellings as well as evaluating for skin discolorations, lesions or patterns of hair loss or thinning. These can indicate the presence of more systemic problems, especially metabolic diseases, which most commonly occur in middle-aged animals.
  • Musculoskeletal Examination: We assess joints, muscles, and other areas of the body for signs of developmental issues or arthritis, aiming for early detection and treatment.We also observe your pet's gait for developmental issues. In puppies, we look for early indications of hip or elbow problems. For older pets, we look for signs of arthritis, which can be well-treated if found early.
  • Comprehensive Lab Work: Including heartworm tests, parasite screening, and a full blood workup to identify underlying diseases and establish a health baseline. Not only can a full chemistry panel and complete blood count identify the presence of underlying disease processes, but these tests help create a baseline should your pet become ill between routine examinations. Additionally, blood work is necessary if your veterinarian recommends a dental cleaning, removal of skin masses, or any other procedure that requires anesthesia.

Wellness exams at River Trail Animal Hospital are more than just routine checks. They are designed to detect, treat, and prevent health issues, ensuring your beloved companion enjoys a long, vibrant life. Our team, serving the South Tulsa and Bixby areas, are committed to providing thorough, compassionate care at every visit.

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